TEn is a General Insurance (GI) Broker Network, launched in 2005, with its sights firmly set on helping small established and start-up brokers weather the storms and seize the opportunities of changing times ahead.

That mission remains - essentially - the same to this day.

Originally, formed as a purely Commercial Insurance network, we have since extended our remit to incorporate Private Clients and Personal Lines (EDI) business as well. We have also become a bit of a magnet for Latent Defect Insurance start-ups.

Since 2005, TEn has become the go-to place for industry professionals who are seeking to start anew and build from there. Whether that be individually, or as a small team.

The [continued independence of TEn, as a broker network, is guaranteed by our constitution. TEn is an employee owned business and, as such, we would be rather complicated either to buy, or to sell.

Consequently, we have little choice but to carry on… and prosper.

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