Broker Network for Start-Up and Small Established Insurance Brokers

TEn is a General Insurance (GI) Broker Network, launched in January 2005, with its sights set on helping small and start-up brokers weather the uncertainty of changing times ahead. The mission remains - essentially - the same to this day.

Originally, a purely Commercial Insurance network, we have since extended our remit to incorporate Private Clients and Personal Lines (EDI) business as well.

According to Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion:

“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”

The services offered by TEn represent “an equal and opposite reaction” to the assimilation and disappearance of small local brokers; and a reversal of a worsening competitive condition of the independent and unconsolidated.

Since 2005, TEn has become the go-to place for industry professionals who want to start anew. Whether individually, or, increasingly, as a small team.

By 2025, TEn aims to become accepted as the network of choice for both a broader range and many more independent minded brokers in the UK.

The continued independence of TEn, as a network, is guaranteed. TEn is an employee owned business and, as such, we are rather complicated to buy, or to sell. Consequently, we have little choice but to carry on and prosper.

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