TEn Insurance Broker Network

TEn is a General & Commercial insurance broker network, opened in February 2005 with its sights set firmly on helping small and start-up brokers meet the challenges of changing times ahead.

According to Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion:

“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”

The services offered by TEn constitutes “an equal and opposite reaction” to the assimilation of smaller brokers and the reversal of a worsening competitive position for the independent and unconsolidated.

Since our foundation, TEn has become the recognised home for enterprising industry professionals who want to go it alone - whether individually, or as a team. By 2020, we aim to become equally accepted as the network of choice for all independent ‘community brokers’ in the UK.

Our continued independence is guaranteed. TEn is an employee owned company and, as such, very difficult to buy or to sell.

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