Insurance Around The World

This part of our website exists purely for people’s general interest. We seek to provide a bit of background information about the development of Insurance Markets and how Insurance is conducted in other countries, both within the EU and around the world.

To get us started, we commissioned some basic external research, which we intend to enhance over time.

We would welcome input from anybody else, to correct and to generally improve what we have begun.

We are particularly interested in the role and position of brokers - if any - in each country; and how they fare against other distribution channels, how they are remunerated etc.

Click on a country in the list to the right to see information about each country.

men holding flags from around the world

This section of our website first opened in October 2014. Our priority has been to publish at least a basic description of the Insurance Markets in a couple of dozen countries, then to improve them steadily over time.

The key as to where we think we are with each one is indicated with an adjacent listed category.

Our Understanding

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