The Contacts

The numbers

Southern office: +44 (0)1844 340 210
Northern office: +44 (0)161 300 6666
Scotland office: +44 (0)141 404 8500

The locations

For our addresses, check out our interactive maps.

The people

James Sharp james dot sharp at teninsurance dot co dot uk

Dawn Derbyshire

John Rusby

Robert Withers

Anne Williams
Head of Broker Inspector & Development Managers (North)

Ray Heap
Broker Inspector & Development Manager (South)

Colin Halliday
Broker Inspector & Development Manager (Scotland)

Stephen Bottoms
FCA Compliance Officer

Jennie Sutcliffe
Insurer Relationships and Placement Manager

James Faiers
Operations Manager

Confidential & Impartial

All enquiries will be handled in the strictest confidence. We are well aware that for many applicants, their current positions could be compromised by even talking to us.

Equally, we are open to all who have a good business plan and the requisite skills to carry it out.

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