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Staffing up in Glasgow…again

TEn Insurance is pleased to report continued growth in Glasgow.

Back in August, we announced the establishment of ‘proper’ Glasgow presence in Queen Street, plus the appointment of an Office Manager and the arrival of the first Broker Technician in September.

We can now reveal the arrival of a second Broker Technician in mid-November, plus a planned move before Christmas into offices capable of accommodating another couple of staff in 2018.

Colin Halliday (CERT), Lynne Reynolds (CERT) and Derek Anderson (ACII) combine circa 70 years industry experience between them.

Director James Sharp comments; “we are delighted that the Glasgow team has started to take shape, thereby enabling us in the New year to repatriate Scottish business placed with insurers with their own local offices, back into the Glasgow market.

I must re-iterate however, that in Scotland, what we are ultimately about is a lot more than just a branch!”

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