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TEn Launches findbroker.insure

TEn Insurance Services, the network for independent insurance brokers, is delighted to announce that it has launched a new website findbroker.insure.

The website, which we believe is the first of its kind to be launched by a network, is designed to enable end-clients to more easily find a reliable and independent insurance broker in their local area.

Additionally - and alternatively - the website enables a prospective client to find a specialist broker that concentrates on an area of interest.

Comments TEn Director James Sharp, “TEn has the largest number of AR Insurance Brokers spread across the UK and it is inevitable that prospective clients will want to find a trusted local broker to help them with their insurance needs. We have near national coverage as well as a growing number of specialisms.”

The new website displays all the TEn members throughout the country, as well as their specialisms, based upon a map, in a user-friendly graphical form. The company is committed to monitor and improve the SEO ranking of findbroker over time, hoping to drive increasing volumes of business to TEn Member Brokers.

This first iteration of the website will doubtless evolve from hereon.

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