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UK Broker Awards Shortlisting

TEn are delighted to announce, Broking Team Manager, Dan Taylor has been shortlisted for the Young Broker of the Year award at the UK Broker Awards.

After a successful year and having achieved an awful lot, we believe Dan is a strong candidate for the award.

Dan said about his work ethic, ‘I have always volunteered myself for all kinds of courses, from technical knowledge to softer skills. I feel it is vitally important to stretch myself and understand that I need to go the extra mile, in order to excel and to meet my goals.’

TEn Managing Director Dawn Derbyshire commented, ‘Watching Dan grow from a young, nervous and inexperienced college leaver, to taking on my original role as Manchester Office Manager, next becoming ACII qualified and now heading up all of the Broking Teams at TEn, has been an absolute pleasure and a source of considerable pride for the business’.

‘Never one to avoid a challenge, Dan has equalled my expectations and become a pivotal part of the TEn team’.

Good luck Dan!

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