Marketing Support for Member Brokers

As a start-up, or even a small established broker, your marketing activity is an important part to your business strategy. You need to develop a reputable brand - albeit only locally in most cases - and hence grow your business.

Marketing Support for Network ARs

At TEn, we recognise that the smaller broker needs every help to get up and running and to stay visible in their chosen or local market place.

We also know that this can be an expensive investment and that is why we offer our marketing support, for the most part, free or at cost to all of our members.

Here’s what we can help you with: -


Once you have decided to join TEn as an AR, where do you start to go about finding your clients? You may be lucky enough to bring a book of business with you, but even that may not be accessible for 12 months, during a period of restrictive covenant.

Meanwhile, we will do what we can to assist you to build a solid prospect list, looking at the types of businesses you want to target in your locality.

Of course, it is up to you to contact them, but we can help obtain bulk email lists and CRM to manage your contacts, as well as guidance on how to communicate with them most effectively.

In 2017, TEn launched its website,
with the intention that it should gain search engine recognition over time and
point prospective clients towards TEn members,
by their locality and/or specialism.

As this site gains traction over time, it SHOULD, as a result of referencing and pointing to our members websites, raise the SEO score of those as well.

The desired outcome will take time and be achieved only gradually. Nevertheless, TEn is committed to the project and the necessary investment for the long-term.


From time to time, we have been known to commission a telemarketing company to generate prospect lists and make appointments for our brokers. That said, our experiences in this regard have always been ‘mixed’ and a compelling and unique proposition works better than a scatter-gun approach.

In most cases, these will be in specific classes of business and we will choose selected brokers who have expertise in these areas to take part.

There may be a cost for this type of activity, although this tends to be shared between us and/or a particular insurer with a particular niche.

Brand Awareness

Your brand is your biggest asset, which will drive your sales, enlist the loyalty of your clients and make you stand out amongst your competitors. We can help you develop your brand awareness to solidify your place in the market as well as help you to look long term at your sales and marketing strategy.

Print & Literature

Once you have your clients, you might want to arm yourself with some printed material about your business and what you offer. That’s where we can help too.

We are able to provide you with in-house print solutions to create posters, banners, leaflets and brochures to help your prospects and clients know a bit more about what you do and to support you at local networking events.

Social Media Support

You may be thinking that you don’t need social media and you’re unsure of how to use it. Well, think again - it’s quite simple!

Believe it or not, your company needs an online presence and building up this voice allows you to gain access to even more of the market and enhance your credibility, however small you may be.

Marketing Support for Network ARs

We can help you to build this presence, provide social media training and management so you and your clients get the most out of it.

We can also help you manage paid social advertising, such as PPC through LinkedIn and Google.

Website Design & Hosting

Probably the biggest hurdle when starting your business, is your online representation. And it is important!

Getting the right website designed properly and saying the right things will give your clients that important first impression.

This will add to your brand awareness and support everything you’ve told your clients. You need to make sure that this shows your personality, as well as being professional and informative.

Most of the time, our brokers will normally have a client or, on many occasions a brother-in-law, who can create a nice looking first website to get them up and running. Equally, we can help with that too.

Here are a few examples: -

As technology and Google’s algorithms upgrade over time, we can undertake those changes to make sure you stay up to date with the technology - even if it’s just a tweak here and there.