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The Services: The Broker Network Operation

The management, internal structure and operation of TEn is broadly similar to that of a smooth running and well organised national broker, which is, of course, almost a contradiction in terms.

Of course, it is not always true of us either!

However, TEn does at least benefit from an relative absence of legacy, vested interest, compromise and politics that tend to be features of some of our larger national and international brokers.

Nor is TEn a static or immutable concept, frozen in time and closed to a constant stream of new ideas. Quite the reverse.

Since 2005, we have evolved and adapted the way in which almost everything works, to take account of the changing market, innovation and the inexorable expansion of scope as regards regulation.

We have listened to our membership and have tried, whenever possible, to flex what we do and the way we do it to meet a variety of different requirements.

“The management and operation is broadly similar to that of a smooth running and well organised national broker, which is, of course, almost a contradiction in terms”

Brokers/ARs/Practices provide the local presence for customer-facing activities. To this TEn adds central administration and staff, insurer partner relationships, compliance, IT infrastructure (with support) and accounting.

All of this then operates in broadly the same way as national brokers should and sometimes do. And then there are the ‘soft services’ that never quite make the list of advertised features.

Terms such as business mentoring sound overly pontificating, whilst phrases such as “we’ve got your back” are unforgivably American. Nevertheless, in the relationship mix, this sort of thing plays its part.

One could call it friendship.

So, for an operation run with decent procedures, modern IT and proper controls, geographical distances and a distribution of activities are not necessarily impediments to transparent communication and good governance. It simply means that everyone needs to try a little harder.

Conversely, the seemingly unending process of broker consolidation by international, national and regional ‘giants’ has tended to dissipate local presence and with it local initiative and enterprise. And yet, that reality has created our collective opportunity to exist and to prosper.

TEn is not perfect and never will be. However, we promise constantly to be critical of ourselves and open to new ideas, provided - of course - they are legal, decent, honest and mean with Compliance approval.

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TEn is, quite simply, the greener and more sustainable model for the future.