The Deal £

The basis of the deal £ is always a percentage of brokerage shared between the AR and TEn.

NOTE: We define brokerage as Commission + Fees - Discount = Margin

We use a formula that incorporates a host of subtle variations, taking into account AR differences. This calculation looks at income size, average premium size, anticipated workload, proficiency in terms of Insurance and IT usage, plus other factors.

Then, once you have considered our formula, we can haggle a bit.

It would be completely wrong, however, for anybody to assume that the financial results of joining TEn would be like dealing with a Wholesale Broker for everything. It is nothing like that.

A sub-broker type of proposition would appeal to very few and so there would be very little point in us proposing anything of the sort.

In the interests of clarity we should add: -

  • no distinction is made as between new business, MTAs and renewals
  • as TEn brokerage improves, then so does that of the AR
  • commissions earned from Premium Finance are shared as well

Alas, that is about as much as we can say here and now, but you will find that we are surprisingly transparent about financial matters. Once we get to know you better.

The Costs

The centralised technology costs are charged monthly per seat, on much the same basis and rate as any commercially available Cloud based service.

Indeed, you will be charged rather less for the Acturis system (per seat) than an equivalent sized Broker that contracts with them directly.

An initial two or three days of installation and training on the system is completely FOC. And this is usually sufficient for most people, especially for those who are accustomed to using broking systems and, in particular, Acturis.

We do reserve the right, however, to pass on training costs, if the learning requirements of a specific AR is bespoke and/or if somebody is unusually slow on the uptake. Yes, it happens.

On the other hand, TEn perceives the following burdens and associated costs will be lifted from its community of brokers:-

  • PI Insurance premiums paid by TEn
  • FCA/FOS regulatory levies paid by TEn
  • FSCS compensation fund calls paid by TEn
  • the maintenance of solvency margins are down to TEn
  • client/insurer accounting processed by TEn
  • broker technicians and other staff employed by TEn
  • central IT functions and support performed by TEn

The Benefits

To name but a few of them:-

  • standardised, up-to-date and compliant documentation
  • access to wider markets and better rates from ‘A’ rated insurers
  • an end to extensive reliance on MGAs and wholesale brokers
  • more time to deal professionally with both new/existing clients
  • and, most important, a secure future in the market

Now, have we persuaded you sufficiently and are you ready to make an enquiry?

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