Below you can find a selection of short testimonials from TEn members. For more in depth case studies, called Broker Spotlights, please click here

Nigel Mayor, Mayor Broking

High Wycombe - Joined March 2007

I wanted to control my own destiny but I didn’t consider going it entirely alone. In the marketplace, you’re up against huge consolidators who have tremendous power with insurers.

To make sure you can do the broking job that you pride yourself on, you have to be a size to get full market presence – and you can’t do that by yourself.

TEn ticked all the boxes. Its collective strength meant that it had the agencies with the insurers I wanted to deal with. It gives its members a big outfit behind them with the IT, professional indemnity and regulatory support - all the things a small broker struggles with.

The real difference however is that TEn is focused on putting the customer first and allows its members to provide a personal service to their customers.

That’s why TEn and its members are successful.

I have faith in the people behind TEn – they are all on the same wavelength as me and we share the same view about what broking is all about and how it should be done.

James Noble, MyFirst UK

Maidenhead - Joined June 2016

We first approached TEn with what was at best, an idea. We knew there was a niche for more advice and guidance in the young driver sector but we didn’t have the experience to execute anything ourselves.

Right from the start TEn were fantastic and firstly guided us into completing our full CII certifications before working with us to then ensure that we were fully set up ready for live business. They provided us with business advice and the best way to approach the market.

Just a few months down the line and having worked hard with the team at TEn we are now a fully functioning insurance brokers and are set to write a minimum of £1m GWP in young driver motor policies this year.

We could not have done this without TEn.

Andrew Charlton, Consort

Horsham - Joined February 2017

We began our discussions with TEn Insurance Services in December 2016 and within 3 months we were operational and ready to go live with our business!

My business partner is a financial advisor, and we identified an opportunity to close any service offering gaps to his existing client portfolio from a wholistic perspective, he maintaining the wealth management and life insurance aspect, and us the asset protection / general insurance aspect.

TEn provided exceptional support in terms of the provision of Appointed Representative capacity, access to quoting and policy management systems and the associated training, legislative and compliance assistance, and just general, friendly encouragement.

The New Business and Existing Business teams continue to provide excellent and friendly assistance and advice, which really lends itself well to the model in that although we are independent, we really do have a strong team of people backing up our business, enabling us to deliver good service and solutions to our clients!

Neill Robson, Complete

Dalbeattie - Joined April 2006 and sold to James Hallam in March 2018

At the outset, when starting my own brokerage, there really was no alternative to TEn and perhaps the whole arrangement was more a case of see what happens. That was in 2006 and we remained for almost exactly 12 years, thanks to their honesty, service and flexibility before selling the company in 2018.

Trust is a big issue and, with TEn, there were never any issue with covenants or restrictions, as we have now proved. Quite simply you become a member of their family and you continue to retain ownership of your clients, until such time as you decide to realise the value you have built.

As it says on the packet, TEn fully co-operated and facilitated our departure, as much as they assisted us to grow in the first place.

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