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TEns ongoing sponsorship of Gambian Children

Here at TEn, alongside our variety of one-off charity events, we also provide ongoing sponsorship to under-privileged Gambian children, enabling them to get the education that every single child deserves and needs.

Our regular contributions go to Sponsor a Gambian Child, a charity set up locally to our Head Office in Princes Risborough. The charity’s aim is to help the underprivileged children of Brikama and the surrounding areas not only better themselves, but the lives of their families too, via the skills the children will gain.

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Why do you need to do CPD hours?

Introduced early in 2018, the relatively new directive means you, plus any other advisors you may employ, must complete a minimum of 15 hours learning time if you don’t have any Insurance qualifications.

If you do, it’s a minimum of 35, with at least 21 of those being structured.

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Breakin’ Up is Hard to Do

Originally published in Insurance Age 8/11/18

The immortal words of Neil Sedaka have, perhaps, never achieved the same level of fiscal poignancy as now they do, thanks to Brexit. A messy divorce might be similar I suppose.

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Hidden Talent

In July 2018, TEn Director James Sharp was invited by Insurance Age to share his hidden talent with the industry.

“My ‘hidden talent’, now buried under a few extra kilograms, was Fencing. Not garden perimeters, nor the activity undertaken by purveyors of stolen goods, but with swords.

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Cyber Attacks & Ransomware

Earlier this year TEn was the subject of a Cyber Attack of broadly the same sort as that which seriously affected thousands of organisations across the globe on the 12th May. Although the hackers found a ‘chink in our armour’ – which ideally should not have been there – we were fortunate to have further levels of distribution and redundancy behind our front-line defences.

In our case, the Ransomware encrypted the Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on our servers, but could not reach our emails on Office 365, nor our Strata nor our Acturis records. Consequently, we did not stop working other than for a quick re-boot of various machines at lunchtime and our IT team simply restored our non-critical server data back to the previous evening.

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