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2016 - 12 Members = 10+ Years

TEn Insurance, the independent broker network for start-up and small established brokers, is delighted to celebrate 10-year anniversaries as part of the TEn network with two of its members, Abbot Insurance and Hayman Insurance, both of them based in Newton Abbot. John Hart and Mark Hayman joined TEn in late December 2005 when they had established themselves as the GI arm of a local IFA. Subsequently they respectively founded Abbot Insurance Consultants Ltd and Hayman Insurance Services Ltd.

Focusing mainly upon general commercial business, the two companies have grown from nothing to over £0.75m GWP during the past 10 years. Hayman has also specialised in servicing Media and Transport clients, whereas Abbot leans more towards Motor Trade and Sports Clubs.

Mark Hayman, Director of Hayman Insurance Services comments, “TEn has been a great support to help us grow. Taking the leap of faith to start on your own is a daunting process and with TEn it has been all that much easier. I’ve been able to grow as TEn has grown and the on-going support from their New Business Team has been second to none. I’m very proud to celebrate my 10 years as part of the TEn family and look forward to the next 5-10 years.”

In addition to Abbot Insurance and Hayman Insurance, a further 10 members of the TEn network are coming up for 10th Anniversaries during the course of 2016. They are: - Prosperity Commercial (North Allerton), Chester Broker (Chester), Complete Insurance (Dalbeattie), Total Insurance (Castle Douglas), Grovewood Insurance (near High Wycombe), Walsh Commercial (Perivale), Read Insurance (Wimborne), Premium Service (near Oxford), VPi (Wrexham) and HPL (Bicester).

Comments TEn Director James Sharp, “It is very encouraging that so many of our earliest start-up brokers, ranging in size up to £1.7m GWP, are shortly to celebrate their 10th anniversaries with us. These milestones bring home the truth that we are no longer just about ‘start-up’ brokers, because the companies mentioned above can hardly be regarded as ‘start-ups’ anymore. The recent announcement of our new Renaissance initiative, whereby we shall be marketing the AR model to established small brokers further emphasises that point.”

The TEn network currently numbers 106 members and is expecting to move closer towards (or beyond) a total of 125 by the end of 2016.

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