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Hidden Talent

In July 2018, TEn Director James Sharp was invited by Insurance Age to share his hidden talent with the industry.

“My ‘hidden talent’, now buried under a few extra kilograms, was Fencing. Not garden perimeters, nor the activity undertaken by purveyors of stolen goods, but with swords.

I was first drawn to Fencing by the relative warmth of my school’s gymnasium, by comparison with the playing fields outside. February 1963 saw my initiation to the game of Rugby, amid arctic winds, sleet and snow. Yet, it would be wrong to say it was climate alone that drove me so decisively indoors.

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Manchester Office Move

TEn is pleased to announce a move and continued growth in the Manchester office.

On Friday 13th July TEn moved offices within Hanover House and thereby more than doubled its space.

For several years, Manchester has been the home of TEn’s New Business Team, which itself needs some room for expansion. Now, the company plans to establish a Handling & Renewals Team for our Northern brokers in the same office.

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13 Year Brand Itch

TEn Insurance, first launched in February 2005, is delighted to reveal its new logo, after 14 years with no change to the previous design.

Comments TEn director James Sharp; “Our original logo was first designed during the Autumn of 2003, somewhat in advance of when we eventually opened our doors.

Whilst it has served us very well from the beginning, there have been instances over the last decade when the size and shape have proved challenging to reproduce in certain circumstances. Also, a new look doesn’t hurt every now and then.

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A Personal Lines Department

TEn Insurance Services, the AR network for small and start-up brokers, is pleased to announce the launch of its new Personal Lines Department. This follows on from and compliments the establishment of a Private Clients Team, located in Princes Risborough, since September 2017.

TEn was itself launched as a purely Commercial insurance network in 2005, but had begun to support High Net Worth business before the end its first year. EDI type policies were outsourced to a company then known as Outright, which was subsequently purchased by Fortis/Ageas.

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Staffing up in Glasgow…again

TEn Insurance is pleased to report continued growth in Glasgow.

Back in August, we announced the establishment of ‘proper’ Glasgow presence in Queen Street, plus the appointment of an Office Manager and the arrival of the first Broker Technician in September.

We can now reveal the arrival of a second Broker Technician in mid-November, plus a planned move before Christmas into offices capable of accommodating another couple of staff in 2018.

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