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Hidden Talent

In July 2018, TEn Director James Sharp was invited by Insurance Age to share his hidden talent with the industry.

“My ‘hidden talent’, now buried under a few extra kilograms, was Fencing. Not garden perimeters, nor the activity undertaken by purveyors of stolen goods, but with swords.

I was first drawn to Fencing by the relative warmth of my school’s gymnasium, by comparison with the playing fields outside. February 1963 saw my initiation to the game of Rugby, amid arctic winds, sleet and snow. Yet, it would be wrong to say it was climate alone that drove me so decisively indoors.

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Independent Broker of the Year?

Yes indeed, we are featured on the shortlist for the above category, in respect of the 2014 Insurance Times Awards on the 2nd December.  However, here we are on the 3rd November and we have not as yet booked a table, or half a table, or even a seat at said dinner event.

On the other hand, we have been dropping some fairly heavy hints to several (lots of) insurers along the lines that an invitation to fill spare seats on their own tables would be favourably considered. Actually, very heavy hints to be honest.

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