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The Tentacle

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Dawn Derbyshire Treks Mont Blanc

TEn Director Dawn has completed her epic 3day Trek of Mont Blanc and would like to extend her thanks to everyone who sponsored her. Dawn smashed her fundraising target, raising over £5,000.

Dawn trained hard for months to get herself both physically and mentally prepared for this massive challenge

The trek was a great experience, serving exceptional views, a tough challenge, and a great outcome with an incredible team. What’s more, Dawn received a trek award for being the ‘Most Determined’. Well done Dawn!

Insurance United Against Dementia raised in excess of £100,000. This will make a real difference for Alzheimer’s society. This sum of money could buy a specialised microscope for a lab, provide a years’ worth of resources for a research fellow, plus fund an entire PHD.

We’d like to extend our congratulations to Dawn and once again thank you for the sponsorship.

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