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Education... Education...

TEn Insurance, the network for independent commercial brokers, is pleased to announce a tranche of CII examination passes achieved by its younger members of staff.

So far in 2012, three staff all aged under 25 have attained CERT CII status and four more have passed one or two modules on their way to gaining CERT before end of the year; or considerably earlier.  The plan is that everybody who has passed CERT will continue on to tackle the DIP CII as their next step. 

Meanwhile, older and more experienced members of the team are being encouraged to complete and/or enhance the qualifications they have achieved prior to joining TEn.

Comments TEn director James Sharp, “We have always wanted TEn to be a professional, long-term and sustainable business; consequently, we necessarily must invest in the development of everybody we employ, because they are our future and the future leaders of the company in 10-15 years’ time.

The short-medium objective is to achieve Chartered Status later this year, although, that said, the gaining of qualifications amongst the younger generation will help us to keep it when some of the ‘oldies’ have retired.”

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