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The Tentacle

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Insurance Around the World

TEn Insurance Services, the network for independent commercial brokers, is pleased to launch a completely new section of this website, called Insurance Around the World.

The purpose of these pages is to become a point of reference for people to obtain - all in one place - some general information about how insurance markets developed elsewhere and how they are conducted today.

Comments TEn director James Sharp, “We are doing this for our own interest and for everybody else as well. As things stand nobody any of us have ever met - bearing in mind some of us have been around for a while - knows much or anything about multiple other insurance markets outside the UK. One person may know about one or two, but nowhere can you find a broad - if basic - narrative about dozens of other nations.

So, we thought it would be both fun and interesting to do something about the situation.”

TEn has commissioned - as a starter for 10 - some initial research into the background and development of numerous national markets. Over time this simple beginning will be amended and added to by TEn. At the same time, these articles will be open for anybody to post (subject to moderation) suggestions, corrections and any further information they are privy to.

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