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Manchester Office Move

TEn is pleased to announce a move and continued growth in the Manchester office.

On Friday 13th July TEn moved offices within Hanover House and thereby more than doubled its space.

For several years, Manchester has been the home of TEn’s New Business Team, which itself needs some room for expansion. Now, the company plans to establish a Handling & Renewals Team for our Northern brokers in the same office.

This new team will be established during August/September and should be fully complimented with staff by the end of the year.

Comments TEn Director Dawn Derbyshire;

“Committing ourselves to the Manchester market allows us to grow our service in an area more suited to our Northern and Scottish brokers.

Manchester’s a thriving insurance market, meaning a great pool of people to choose from when it comes to further building our team.

The expansion of Manchester is also great in terms of our business continuity; the further we diversify our location and spread ourselves out the smaller the chance that we lose everything in a catastrophe.”

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