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Network Broker of the Year (?)

TEn Insurance Services is delighted to announce that one of its network members, Building and Land Guarantees Ltd (BLG), has been selected as a finalist in this year’s UK Broker Awards, the results of which will be revealed on the 10th September.

Contending for the title, Network Broker of the Year, BLG was established in second half 2006 by the three Directors; all former employees of one of the large consolidators.  The firm was founded with a view to offering an independent and niche service – initially in respect of Latent Defects and Environmental Impairment Insurance - within the insurance, construction and finance markets.

Comments TEn director James Sharp, “BLG has been a member the TEn network from the outset and, it is fair to say, that without our assistance it would have been a much harder, longer and more expensive process for the start-up business to become established.  Also, BLG has been able effectively to outsource to TEn some essential back office functions that it otherwise would have needed to cope with in-house from day one; to the detriment of seeking out and handling new clients and new opportunities.”

As a broker specialising in insurances that depend almost entirely upon new commercial and residential property developments, BLG could hardly have chosen a worse time to set up in business.  Nevertheless, the business model has proven itself robust enough to thrive even in the worst conditions prevailing for 75 years. Despite the recession, BLG has grown year on year and goes from strength to strength.

According to BLG director James Russell, “When looking at establishing a brand new brokerage, we made the decision to partner with TEn as this appeared to provide everything that we needed. That decision has proven to be the right one for BLG; and our recognition in the UK Broker Awards bears this out.”

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