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TEn = 100 Members

TEn Insurance Services, the network for independent commercial brokers, is pleased to announce that its total number of members has now reached 100.

The company first opened its doors (its website) to attract brokers to join the new network on the 12th February 2005. The 100th member has now signed up and will be ready to start trading 4 days after this 10 year milestone. Interestingly the 10th anniversary of the first member joining is in March and the 10th anniversary of the first ever invoice (£716) in April.

Comments TEn director James Sharp; “Only 5 years later than the original business plan first envisaged, we have now reached 100 members; but what the heck, we got there in the end! Of course now everybody wants me to stick my neck out once again and tell them when we shall find ourselves with 200 members.

Ok then, I think it will be during or before Q4 2020, on the basis we will probably end 2015 with more than 120. In others words, I am giving myself 5 years 10 months.”

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