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TEn - Test Site for New Acturis app

Over several months, TEn has been pleased to work with Acturis, as a test site, for their recently launched mobile app.

We subsequently ‘promoted’ the app to our live environment during February, keeping our members at the forefront, something as a Broker Network we strive to do.

Boasting biometric access, this intuitive app, packed with handy features, can update your desktop Acturis in real time. A feature TEn believe is of real benefit to any Member AR.

The ability to manage your business on the move gives AR’s the flexibility they need, especially in an industry where you are not always sat at your desk.

Brian Gelling of G3 Insure Ltd helped with our testing for a few months, he observed:

”The Acturis app is fantastic! It has saved me time - being able to create records and schedule tasks whilst out and about is brilliant. I’d highly recommend to any AR wishing to streamline their way of working”

TEn I.T. Director Paul Sykes comments:

‘The Acturis app will make everyday tasks simpler, consolidating apps and phone functions currently needed. We are excited to announce this release and feel it will be of real value to you”.

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