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TEn Top Tips for Managing Your CPD Hours in 2021

As you’ll be aware, completing your CPD hours every year is a mandatory requirement under the Insurance Distribution Directive 2018 (IDD).

If you hold an Insurance qualification, you’ll need to complete 35 hours Continuing Professional Development, with a minimum of 21 of those hours needing to be structured. If you do not hold any insurance qualifications, but still work within the industry, you will need to complete a minimum of 15 hours.

CPD activities are a great way to enhance your knowledge, keep up to date with industry regulations and learn about new or improved products that insurers offer. Completing your CPD hours not only benefits you but your customers too.

Being as knowledgeable as possible will help you to offer a high-quality service to your customers.

Here at TEn, we place great value on our continued development and our Appointed Representatives alike.

We have put together our TEn top tips for managing your CPD hours over the next year.

1. Plan, plan, plan. Whilst you’ll naturally be building up CPD hours with your daily/weekly activities, to ensure you hit at least your minimum requirement, some planning is a good idea.

Look at your usual schedule and plan some time in to read or complete some online learning. Keep an eye out for webinar and virtual events - these are a great way to learn and network.

2. Little and often, might be the best approach for you to manage your hours.

Why not set aside time every Friday morning, for example, to catch up on a webinar, do some reading or complete a course or two? This way, you will know your hours will build nicely throughout the year.

3. Or, what about a learning day? If little and often doesn’t take your fancy, why not block out one half-day a month to complete three/four hours? Put this allocated time in your calendar, set a reminder and focus for that period.

4. Look out for new and engaging ways to learn, and topics to learn about. Insurers and industry bodies alike are running more courses, webinars and digital events than ever before.

Make sure to sign up to plenty of mailing lists to keep yourself informed. The last year has also seen many virtual events. These are a great way to both learn and network with peers.

Numerous webinars will be announced and take place periodically throughout the year. Many insurers and industry bodies will also record webinars, so if you can’t attend the live session, you can watch at a time more convenient to you.

5. Find the way of learning you enjoy most. Perhaps webinars hold your interest better than solo studying. Or maybe a training course or workshop is right up your street. Whatever works best for you, be sure to make the most of it.

There are several online platforms packed with useful and relevant content to aid your learning. At TEn, we use the Aviva Development Zone and encourage our ARs to do so also.

6. Make it social. Got a friend that’s also in the industry, why not complete some of your CPD hours together? (Digitally throughout the current lockdown of course)!

A couple of online courses over a coffee occasionally could be a great way to mix up your CPD hours, plus by studying with someone else, you’ll get to chat over everything you learn!

7. Make the most of your time. When you can get out and about again this year, why not use time spent travelling to fit in some CPD. You could read a journal on the train or listen to an industry podcast while driving.

Whilst we can’t travel, why not use the time saved productively to catch up on new industry regulations and news?

8. Remember, reading counts towards your unstructured hours. Do you regularly read industry publications, in print or online? Don’t forget this time counts towards your unstructured hours, so make sure to log all this activity!

Subscribing to all major industry bodies’ mailing lists will ensure content comes straight to your inbox.

9. Make sure you’re clear on what activities count as structured and those that don’t.

When it comes to logging your hours, you’ll want to make sure you count everything beneficial that you are doing. You might be surprised to find out some things you are doing count towards your hours that you weren’t aware did.

Are you aware, training or mentoring others count towards your total CPD hours too?

You can find the CII guide to all suitable activities and their classifications here

10. Record your CPD hours as you go. Doing this will ensure you avoid an end of year mass log, plus, it’ll help you keep an eye of exactly how much you have done and where you stand with the minimum requirement.

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